World-Class Dancer Baiba Klints Reveals Her 5 Secrets To Great Health And Good-Looking Body


Baiba Klints is an active, positive and energetic world-class dancer, who smiles every day and not only on stage while performing. She not only thinks but also proves to the rest of the world that everything is possible if you believe in yourself. She is a true healthy lifestyle enthusiast not only because of her career specifics and requirements, but to be always ready to jump into new adventures and journeys. 

Rise & Shine – that is her mood every morning, no matter where she is, what’s the weather like, how early the alarm rang. Baiba truly believes that everything starts from inside - state of mind, body, soul, harmony, positive energy - WE are in control of that to create our day before the environment decides to challenge us.

Baiba has led dance workshops and masterclasses in 29 different countries. Her videos are appreciated and shared by artists like Chris Brown, Tyga, Omarion, Fat Joe and Ja Rule. Baiba performed in the most viewed video on YouTube in 2019 Daddy Yankee-Con Calma and in the Youtube video that reached the record-high number of views in the first 24 hours: Badshah-Paagal

Being a travelling dancer/choreographer/teacher the environment changes almost every week – a lot of flights, climate changes, time zone differences, food options...

"I am definitely not complaining!" says Baiba. On the contrary, she is very grateful to live the life she lives, and thus has to really take care of her body and health – her instrument to be ready to dance A LOT. In this article world-class dancer Baiba Klints shares her 5 secrets to feel good and look fantastic no matter where you are.

1. Stay Hydrated, Hydrated, And Once More Hydrated

In general, I drink a lot of liquid - water, warm lemon water with ginger or turmeric, herbal and green teas, or matcha, and on top of that even more water to stay hydrated. No sodas or sparkling drinks.

I have a special morning ritual. It takes approximately an hour every morning. I enjoy every step of it and have breaks between the steps. To wake up my body and start off my ritual, I have a glass of warm lemon water, and If I have the chance, I add aloe vera juice. Sometimes I add turmeric and black peppers to the lemon water, to spice the routine a little bit up. After some time, I drink green tea. Later, 15 minutes before a meal, I have a teaspoon of black cumin oil with a bit of honey. I finish my morning ritual with fresh orange or grapefruit juice mixed with chlorella or spirulina powder, whichever I am using at that moment because I am switching between them from time to time). 

The morning ritual takes about an hour before I get to my actual breakfast part. In the beginning, it felt too long because I wanted to snack straight away, but with time it became a habit and I don’t even think about that, I just enjoy the process and benefits of those drinks, for example, wakening up my organs after sleep. Before the fresh juice, there is a 20 minutes long workout - it's not too heavy and long but I definitely feel how it boosts up the energy.

2.Healthy, Delicious And Enjoyable Breakfast

The breakfast is usually sugar-free muesli, to which I love adding nuts, berries, chia seeds, flax seeds, protein powder or hemp seed powder and cinnamon. I add to it warm almond or coconut milk because it mixes much better than with cold milk, and I love that.

3. Preparation Is The Key To Healthy Lifestyle And Good-Looking Body

This is my perfect morning plan, but, unfortunately, not always it is possible depending on where I am. However, I would always try to aim in fulfilling my ritual and morning routine to start the day. When travelling, I always feel like half of my luggage is full of nutrition supplements, bee pollen, seeds, nuts, TheBeginnings protein bars, and their healthy snacks, so I am fully prepared to give my body what it needs, even if I end up in a middle of nowhere.

In the winter season, I always have a ginger root with me, so I can add it to teas or warm waters. Additionally, I also have garlic. I eat raw garlic slice with a bit of honey or mixed with something to boost the immune system.

4. Nourishing Food, Small And Regular Portions

To fuel up my energy tank during the day I eat a lot of fresh salads, fruits and vegetables, especially if they are locally grown. I enjoy and regularly have legumes, grains, tofu, hummus, and different soups. I literary can’t resist to avocados. I love trying vegan food options in different countries. I try to avoid foods like pasta, bread, potatoes, and different oily or fried foods. My friends always say that I am eating like a bird. However, for me really it works eating smaller portions but more times a day. I never feel heavy and I’m always ready to jump and be active.

5. Give Your Body Time To Rest Between Last And First Meal

Of course, being on the road and dependent on various occasions or event schedules affects my usual plan of eating. However, I always try to eat my last meal at 6pm in the evening, so my organs and body can rest. I am fasting till breakfast time which is usually 10am. This way I give my body a good amount of time to rejuvenate, rest, recharge and to be ready for a new day when the circle starts again. 

Once a month I also have a day when I only drink water. It restarts the whole body.


Additionally, Baiba encourages to do more of what is not only considered as healthy but also what brings you joy. Have some walks in the fresh air, do affirmations, wear colours, and sing loud in the shower. Breathe deeply to appreciate life and its adventures. Smile daily, believe in yourself and have the confidence that you are unstoppable. Be kind, and don’t settle for less than the best because you definitely deserve that. 

Stay healthy, be active, keep shining and spread the good vibes only. Love yourself and your body. 

All in all, remember to be positive because everything starts from inside. Create your morning ritual, and have a nice, nutritious and healthy breakfast. Adjust the eating to your body and lifestyle. Most importantly, give your body the rest it deserves both physically and spiritually

Many thanks to the amazing dancer Baiba Klints for sharing her secrets and inspiration. We wish you a sunny and positive week and hope that you'll reach all your goals!

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