About Us

About The Beginnings

Every morning of your life is like an opportunity for a new beginning – a little different, healthier, full of energy and joy.

The Beginnings is a team of healthy food enthusiasts. Back in 2012, we got tired of chemical laden food and we got hungry for something more – for a healthier choice that's good for us and the planet. Back then, there weren't much healthy options to choose from, so went on a learning spree to learn how we can create our own healthy snacks...

How it all began?

We realised that The Beginnings home country Latvia is filled with treasures of nature – wild forest berries, nutrient-dense veggies, crispy nuts, seeds and sweet Nordic fruits. We took the best whole-foods of nature and created our own line of healthy, natural and delicious snacks. First, for ourselves but now – for everyone to enjoy.

Since then, we've been helping people across the globe to start new beginnings for themselves – free from preservatives, artificial sweeteners, trans fats, synthetic colourings and other “wonders” of new food technology.

Our food philosophy 

We truly believe in whole-foods – foods that are the closest to their natural form. When combined with our slow-drying method, we're able to create the most nutrient-dense and fiber rich snacks.

We are also the healthy food restaurant pioneers in Latvia. Since 2012 we've opened 3 healthy food restaurants in Riga to help more and more people make healthier food choices.

So here we are today – with a wider range of healthy snacks, starting from berry filled protein bars to award-winning cookies and veggie loaded chips.

Together with our ambassador team made from award-winning fitness trainers, pro athletes, dancers, beauty-gurus and more, we're transforming the health crisis in Latvia and all over the world!

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Our Founder

Matīss Eglītis is the co-founder of The Beginnings snacks and healthy food restaurants. He walks the talk – Matīss is not only sharing the healthy food journey with others, but also practices a healthy lifestyle every day.

In his free time, Matīss enjoys long hikes in nature, hot and authentic Latvian sauna, a bowl of sauerkraut and a good swim in an ice-cold water.